Bombastry does not collect and/or share any information while using the game. Thanks for playing!

About Bombastry

The object: Choose the true definitions of these unusual words but try to trick your opponents into choosing your made
up definition over the actual definition.

The rules: Each player will rotate as the glossator. The glossator will read aloud the word but NOT the definition and
then start the timer. (Note: The word may be spelled for the other players.) The bluffers (everyone else) will then record their proposed
definitions and give them to the glossator. The glossator will read aloud each definition so as to not give away the
identity of the authors, and also the actual definition. Once all definitions have been read, the bluffers will vote
on which definition they believe is the real definition.

The scoring: Bluffers are rewarded 1 point for each vote they receive on their definition and 2 points every time they guess the correct
definition. An additional 3 points may be awarded if a bluffer submits a definition that is similar to the actual definition.
(Note: The other players may overrule this if they do not believe that the submitted definition is close enough to the
actual definition.) Additionally, the glossator may be awarded 3 points if no one guesses the definition correctly.